Senior Officials of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and the Chengdu Municipal Government visited Beijing to fully support SinoHytec¡¯s developmen

Time:2019-11-21 Source:SinoHytec

On November 20th, Chengdu delegation led by Zhu Zhihong, the deputy secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and senior officials of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology visited Tsinghua University. Li Jianqiu, the secretary of the Party Committee of School of Vehicle and Mobility of Tsinghua University, welcomed the delegation and both parties discussed about how to promote the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles industry in Chengdu and other topics. Yu Min, the executive vice president of SinoHytec, was invited as a representative of the hydrogen energy companies to join the meeting.

During the visit, the latest generation of hydrogen fuel cell engines of SinoHytec and one ZEV Bus and one Foton Aumark Logistics Vehicle equipped with engines of this generation were exhibited to the delegation. Based on its own technological advantages and industrial experience and as one of the companies of hydrogen energy that have already established in Chengdu, SinoHytec continues to help Chengdu to accelerate the construction of a mature ecosystem of hydrogen energy. This includes establishing a local production facility of hydrogen fuel cell engines, together with local energy giants promoting construction of infrastructure such as hydrogen refueling stations and cooperating with OEMs to realize the production and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. At present, 20 ZEV Buses are already delivered and will be put into operation on the hydrogen fuel cell bus demonstration line L026. They will also serve the upcoming 2021 Universiade.

Professor Li Jianqiu stressed that the application of hydrogen energy had a broad prospect and the opportunity of development in this early stage should be grasped. Chengdu has three advantages in the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry: Firstly, there is a considerable amount of renewable energy such as surplus hydropower and abundant natural gas resources. The multi-channel hydrogen source supply has become an innate advantage of industrial development. Secondly, Chengdu's automobile industry is among the most developed in the country, and a large number of mainstream OEMs gather here. The mature and complete automobile industry chain provides a first-mover advantage for industrial development. And lastly, the Chengdu government has made several policies to support the industry, such as the ¡°Measures of Chengdu for Supporting the Development and of Hydrogen Energy and New Energy Vehicle Industry¡±, making Chengdu one of the first cities in China which conduct trial of hydrogen energy industry chain building and demonstration. And companies in the industrial chain such as SinoHytec were attracted to Chengdu, bestowing the city with a national leading edge in building a healthy industrial ecosystem.

At the meeting, Zhu Zhihong stressed that Chengdu was determined to develop hydrogen energy and would continue to provide multifaceted support for SinoHytec. The local government would create an open and inclusive environment of industrial development, in which enterprises could fully unleash their own technology strength and brand advantages, and make Chengdu China¡¯s "City of Green Hydrogen."