As an ultimate zero-pollution environmentally friendly engine of the latest generation,SinoHytec hydrogen fuel cell system constitutes an energy transformation device that creates electric energy by means of an electrochemical reaction with the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. During the process, no burning and mechanical losses are involved with high energy transformation ratio and the products only contain electricity, water and heat with zero pollution and low noise.

Dedicated into the development and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cell system for many years, SinoHytec has reaped fruitful achievements in reducing costs, improving reliability, durability and maintainability. On the basis of technical accumulations and demonstration experience for many years, We recently launched our first 240kW fuel cell system in December 2021, the first automotive fuel cell system in China that reached 240kW rated power according to the CIC Report.

Core features:

  • High energy efficiency:The energy conversion efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is 50-60%, and that of internal combustion engine vehicle is 30-40%。

  • Zero pollution:Only electricity, water and heat are produced and no CO2, the greenhouse gas and other pollutants are emitted.

  • Short time for hydrogen addition and long endurance mileage:The vehicle refilling time is 5-15 minutes, and the range can reach more than 500km.

  • Storage and start at low temperature:Can self-start under a low ambient temperature of -30°C, and with a low-temperature storge at -40°C

  • G40
  • G60
  • G80Pro
  • G120

Based on years of technical research and development and vehicle demonstration operation experience, SinoHytec independently developed hydrogen fuel cell engines using stack with its own intellectual property rights, which can operate when plugged in. At the same time, performance, reliability and maintainability are further improved, the operation doesn't need to be humidified and the cost is further reduced, which makes the products comparable to mainstream foreign products.

Core features

◆ Adopt stack with own intellectual property rights: low temperature start-up at -30℃, low temperature storage at -40℃;

◆ Highly integrated and modular design: saving space, easy maintenance and reduced maintenance cost;

◆ Remote intelligent monitoring and diagnosis technology: real-time monitoring of engine running status, real-time intelligent diagnosis of data.

Parameters of the hydrogen fuel cell engine

Rated power(kW)
Mass power density
Energy conversion efficiency (%)